A Diet Cheat Day Can Really Help Reduce Weight


Most of us want to reduce weight for obvious reasons. Losing weight is a ‘not so difficult’ job, but maintaining an ideal body weight is definitely a challenging job. Well, people follow strict diet plans and workout tirelessly but still find it hard to reach their ideal weight. After losing a couple of pounds, many people get stuck and don’t lose even a few grams after that. Why is it so? It is because, your metabolism needs a boost to burn fat and since your body follows the same diet routine; your metabolism rate becomes sluggish and thus doesn’t show much difference in your weight.

Diet Cheat Day

In order to boost your metabolism and burn fat, it is necessary to indulge a diet cheat day. It was recently researched that a diet cheat day can actually help improve your metabolism rate showing you better weight loss results. And the best part is that you can even relish the big creamy piece of cake! Now that’s a dream come true. Wondering what exactly a diet cheat day means, how does it help and how to get effective results? Here is an explanation to it.


Eat Your Heart Out

A cheat day is actually a day when you can eat your heart out, be it French fries, walnut brownies topped with chocolate sauce or your favorite burger. You can binge on all that you love to eat. The secret is that if you alter your calorie consumption, you prevent your metabolism from slowing down due to intake of diet food. The body’s metabolism rate reduces gradually if we reduce our calorie intake for a longer time period. Reduced metabolic rate is not acceptable by weight watchers and they want to keep a healthy metabolic rate for reducing and managing their weight. Thus, binging on goodies and heavy meals helps boost the metabolic rate for some time due to sudden calorie intake, thereby preventing your metabolism to slow down.

When should you cheat?

A diet cheat day can be enjoyed once in 7 or 14 days. If you are intending to lose weight quickly, then cheat on your diet every 14 days. Cheating on two meals a week is more effective than enjoying a diet cheat day.

What can I eat?

All that you love to eat whether its pizza, cookies, cake or ice-cream, but be careful to not eat all at one go. For example, if you are relishing a bowl of bagel cheese cream for your breakfast, avoid eating bread or baked potatoes with cheese for lunch. Instead eat boiled broccoli and later on for your dinner you can have a large bowl ice-cream of your choice. This indicates you can easily enjoy eating a few pieces of pizza and 2 scoops of your favorite ice-cream, but eating an entire cheesy pizza with a huge ice-cream tub is not really advisable. While you’re able to eat anything you like, keep the quantities proportionate. In other words, don’t over load yourself and eat in right amounts.


How can I make a diet cheat day more effective?

As a rule of thumb, a diet alone doesn’t necessarily help on its own. that This means that following a particular diet plan won’t give you your desired results. True fitness lies in following a proper diet plan and regular workout. That way, you can effectively burn your calories and hit your ideal weight successfully. Diet with proper exercise can lead to health issues. Just one weight training and cardio workout everyday for around 45 minutes will work wonders.

Thus, improving your metabolism rate by cheating on your diet, along with some regular exercise, is the smart way to lose weight and get effective results.


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