Author - Kevin Martin

Kevin MartinKevin is a writer for InstaVivid. Kevin is a writer by profession and loves to write on cultures, food, nature & wild spaces and urban places.

Namaste Spirituality

This Needs To Stop

Okay, this post might be a little more fired up and aggravated than those of my previous works, but it comes with good reason and good intention. There is a...


Hold On To Hope

I went out for dinner and drinks last night with two of my best girlfriends, some of the most sweet and most genuine people the world has ever met. Laughing...


10 Reasons You Are Awesome

Sometimes it is so hard to make it through the day. Sometimes we just get down on ourselves and we have a bad day, which makes it difficult to see the light at...


What Does The Semicolon Tattoo Mean?

Instagram / misskillak1991 The semicolon tattoo is not what you get whenever you go drinking with your friends. The tattoo is more than just symbolic. To some...


When Life Gets You Down

Life can give you two things: It can give you nice, firm, ripe lemons or it can throw old, rotten, stinky lemons directly in your face while your family and...