Inspiring Photos of The Most Beautiful Creatures in The World – Butterflies

One of the most beautiful creatures in the world, butterflies have always been a symbol of elegance and ingenuity. To celebrate their awesomeness, let us take a look at magnificent photographs of them.

Seattle day 2 279_1000x
Just resting and looking gorgeous in haute couture butterfly wings. Yep, that’s totally a thing!

Seattle day 2 285_1000x
Black and red wings and a pink flower bouquet? Excellent choice, sweetie! Oh, and that attitude? Marvelous.

Seattle day 2 294_1000x
The fact that you’re always on the move isn’t a good enough reason not to look great. This butterfly is the perfect example of fashion on the go, don’t you think? After all, no one can come up with a better color combo than Mother Nature.

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Katy Brackett

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