Smiling Cats That Will Make YOU Smile

Cats – they have a way of making us adore them, even when they’re completely ignoring us or being nice only because we’ve brought home a brand new box they can sleep in. Like, who even needs that fancy $100 bed you brought for them? It’s not nearly as comfy as the damn box. Anyway, our feline friends do make us smile all the time, so here’s a gallery of furry sweethearts that will make your day.
Instagram / norah.meow
Well hello sweetie! It’s a beautiful day for cats and humans alike, and I’m not leaving until you give me a smile or two. Come on, lift the corners of your mouth a little and let ~the happiness~ flow through you.

Instagram / jogobellaqueen
Yes, dearies. This is a smile. The smile of a cat that’s sick and tired of endlessly following that annoying red dot, we’ll give you that, but ultimately, she’s teaching us an important lesson about patience, so grin and bear it. After all, there’s no difficulty you can’t overcome with a little ambition …and a smile on your face!

Instagram / sesil101
Okay, give this tomcat a suit and a bowtie already, ’cause he’s got the class of a real gentleman. If there’s anyone who gets all the girls in the ~cat community~, it’s definitely him. Anyway, he’s a shining example of what an elegant smile should look like.

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